Help us to continue to provide the best care possible

Two nurses holding placards and smiling

In August 2018, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) rated the overall quality of care provided at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust as ‘Outstanding’, the first acute trust in the London region to achieve this rating for overall quality and leadership.

Its report highlighted examples of outstanding practice which included Kingston Hospital’s significant emphasis “on meeting the needs of people living with dementia. There were a series of arrangements in place to care for and improve the experience of those patients at the hospital. This included the refurbishment of a ward to make it dementia friendly and the use of activities, research and unique software.”

Derwent Ward, referenced in the report, was the first of the hospital’s three elderly care wards to undergo a transformation, thanks to our supporters. Since then, works to deliver a dementia friendly Blyth and Kennet wards have been successfully completed and the hospital won the ‘Best Dementia Friendly Hospital’ category in the National Dementia Care Awards 2020.

The combination of a dedicated and committed work force with an active philanthropy programme can together help build on the CQC’s quality rating, ensuring all patients continue to receive outstanding care and the best possible outcomes.