Many congratulations to Camilla for successfully completing the London Marathon on Sunday 21 April in a time of 4 hours 52 minutes. Having taken a chance and applied in the public ballot, Camilla was shocked to be awarded a place but saw it as a great opportunity to fundraise for Kingston Hospital Charity, as a cause that is incredibly important to her and for all those who live locally to Kingston upon Thames.

A week on from completing her first marathon, Camilla has successfully raised over £4,500 to help make Kingston Hospital better for patients, families and staff.   Our thanks to all who have generously supported her fundraising efforts!

Camilla said:

“Having lived in Kingston for the majority of my life, I feel extremely lucky to have a top-rated hospital on my doorstep and I was surprised to find out that the Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust cares for more than half a million patients a year!

I ran each mile on behalf of some of my wonderful friends and family, acknowledging the invaluable care and support they’ve received from some of the key services and wards at Kingston. The past few years have thrown some real challenges our way, but the hospital’s been there for us – helping bring in new little ones, saving the lives of some of our favourite people, and supporting those dealing with tough times.”

We would like to thank all those who have successfully taken on a running challenge this year in support of Kingston Hospital. As well as Camilla in the London Marathon, we have had runners in the Hampton Court Half Marathon, the London Landmarks and the Brighton Marathon. If you are looking for a fundraising challenge in support of our local hospital, please call Rupert on 020 8973 5041 or email