Gifts in wills, which are sometimes referred to as legacies or bequests, are vitally important to enhancing the quality of care Kingston Hospital is able to provide.

While larger gifts enable us to take on major projects like construction of a third floor to the Sir William Rous Unit to house the haematology day service, smaller ones help us to assist in other ways, including the provision of patient comforts or supporting clinical research.

Remembering Kingston Hospital Charity when making or updating a will is not difficult to arrange and we would be pleased to provide you with any information or support you may need, so please do call us now on 020 8973 5040 or email

Remembering Kingston Hospital Charity in my will has been a simple way to demonstrate that I care about Kingston Hospital, as it has cared for me…….The care and concern shown by staff at the time I had surgery was amazing, as it was when my mother passed away at the hospital in 2016” – Elizabeth Binks