We love our local hospital and we work to improve the quality of care and the experience of everyone who comes to Kingston Hospital or uses the services it provides in the community – patients, families and staff. 

Our supporters are a vital part of our charity because they make our work possible.

We work closely with NHS colleagues to identify ways that support from local people and organisations can improve patient care and treatment outcomes. Our supporters enable us to: rebuild and refurbish to create patient-centred spaces designed to deliver the best care possible; purchase cutting-edge equipment to improve diagnosis and treatment; provide services and comforts to ease the burden on patients and their families, ensuring the care provided is as comprehensive as possible; fund high-quality research; and support our NHS colleagues’ health and wellbeing, given the pressures our local NHS continues to face.

Everything we are able to achieve is thanks to our community of supporters.

For further information on our current funding priorities to make Kingston Hospital the best it can be click here and to acquire medical equipment for better diagnosis and treatment click here.