Philanthropy is playing an ever more important role in helping to deliver outstanding care at Kingston Hospital. Whether it is funding the purchase of cutting-edge medical equipment or supporting the development of major building projects, the support of philanthropists and grant-making trusts is crucial in ensuring their successful delivery.

Whether you are an individual philanthropist, company or grant-making trust, providing significant support to help address a major need offers a rewarding opportunity to make a tangible difference to the lives of our patients and their families now and in the future.

We always want to involve these supporters in the projects that they have made possible, so they can see first-hand the difference they are making. We also want to recognise the generosity of those who make a significant gift through a naming opportunity and in our publications, unless they would rather not be acknowledged in this way.

Such gifts have helped transform our elderly care wards to become dementia friendly environments that facilitate all types of functioning. They also funded the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment, including a Holmium laser (pictured in action above) and an ultra-widefield retinal imaging system. More recently, over £2 million has been raised thanks to the generosity of a small number of individual philanthropists and grant-making trusts to successfully extend the Royal Eye Unit to incorporate a dedicated retina centre and, on the floor above, a paediatric oncology unit which is self-contained while being linked to the rest of the children’s service.

Philanthropy is expected to play a key role in helping deliver an exceptional care environment in our new intensive care unit and to help bring surgical robotics to our hospital.

Philanthropists can also provide valuable support, time and expertise assisting our fundraising campaigns.

For a more considered discussion, please contact Rob Aldous by emailing or calling:

07901 103687