£2,000 was raised by the London Softball League in memory of Paige Wright Johnstone for Kingston Hospital’s Daisy Room.

The Daisy Room is a special space on the maternity unit that offers a place for bereaved families to be together, after losing a baby during pregnancy, birth or in the post-natal period of birth. Paige’s Mum and Dad spent time in the Daisy Room after their very sad loss and were keen to fundraise in their baby’s memory.

The Daisy Room opened in 2016. Its name came about as a result of a little baby girl, Daisy, who tragically died and in whose name her family raised £26,000 in order that this new facility could be made available to other bereaved families.

Balvinder Reehal, Screening & Bereavement Lead, explained:

The Daisy Room provides a ‘safe haven’ for families going through the most tragic time of their loves – it is not something any parent to be imagines will happen to them.

“The parents that utilise this space find the reassurance and support that they need to endure this heartbreaking trauma. The room provides a private space for them to express their grief, knowing that they are in safe hands cared for by professionals in a sensitive and compassionate manner.

“We are always so grateful for the donations that help us to maintain the Daisy Room and keep it to a standard that promotes safety, compassion and respect. My sincere thanks to everyone at the London Softball League for their fundraising efforts in memory of Paige Wright Johnstone.

If you have suffered a bereavement and would like to fundraise in memory of a loved one, please <click here> for more information. For help and advice about fundraisisng, please contact Tracey on 020 8973 5041