Staff at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust are celebrating the launch of a new digital clinical design and manufacturing lab, which has been funded by Kingston Hospital Charity.

The trust is now one of only a small number in the country to provide onsite digital customised anatomical models and medical devices, using 3D biomedical design and printing, in a bespoke facility. The state-of-the-art lab is housed in the hospital’s Princess Alexandra Wing, and uses high-precision scanners, specialised design software and medical grade 3D printers, to produce items including hearing aids and orthodontic appliances for patients, as well as surgical equipment.

An official opening event was held on Friday 6 October 2023, giving staff and guests an opportunity to see the lab in use and to watch a live demonstration of the scanning, design and 3D printing processes, which mean more efficient and comfortable care, fewer hospital appointments, and better outcomes for patients.

Dr Chris Donaldson, Orthodontic Consultant and Project Lead, said:

“We are really proud of the new facility which is already benefiting patients and allowing us to 3D print medical & dental devices such as facial surgery planning aids, orthodontic appliances and surgical cutting guides rapidly, with reduced waste and increased efficiency. These techniques and tools will become essential to the NHS of the future and I’m grateful to Kingston Hospital Charity for recognising the potential of this project – thank you to Rob Aldous and to the charity’s supporters for helping to make the project a reality.”

Rob Aldous, Director of Kingston Hospital Charity, said:

“It is fantastic to see the 3D digital design and manufacturing unit up and running for patients. We were delighted to fund this important project, which will benefit local people for many years to come. Congratulations to Chris and to the team on the opening of the unit.”

Click the image below to see a short film that includes further information about the facility and its benefits:

technician setting up 3D printer

If you are interested in supporting new technology and developments at Kingston Hospital, please call 020 8973 5040