Some of our haematology patients at Kington Hospital require inpatient chemotherapy rather than being treated as outpatients on the Maxwell Thorne Haematology Day Care Unit. This can necessitate long periods, sometimes several weeks or more, of being in isolation.

Charitable support has enabled a complete upgrade and modernisation of the bedroom and ensuite bathroom used by these patients after the poor condition of the accommodation, which was shabby and run down, had been highlighted to the staff. The lack of storage space for personal belongings was also an issue.

Specialist Haematology Sister, Lesley Chamberlin explained:

We wanted to ensure our patients were cared for in a more relaxing, comfortable and homely environment, given that many will spend weeks in isolation receiving their chemotherapy in this room. Charitable support funded the development of the Maxwell Thorne Haematology Day Care Unit in 2019 which offers a much more uplifting environment for our haematology patients, so it seems fitting that Kingston Hospital Charity has now provided the funding needed to modernise this accommodation on Level 7 in Esher Wing.

“The new accommodation better utilises the available space, ensuring adequate storage and facilities, while providing a modern bathroom that is fully accessible. The feedback from our patients since the new accommodation opened in May 2023 has been very positive, particularly from those who had spent time in the bedroom previously.

Nick who spent eight weeks in the new accommodation said:

I felt very comfortable and was able to continue working remotely throughout my stay. The facilities and décor are important when you spend long periods of time in one place because they influence your mood and positivity while you are receiving treatment. All our needs as patients have been catered for in the new accommodation, making it easier to live each day, while being cared for by a team who are always helpful and supportive.