view of a ceiling skylight showing trees

We are committed to improving the quality of experience for patients who benefit from being cared for in one of the side rooms on our surgical or care of the elderly wards. These are often patients who have advanced dementia or who are dying.

The aim is to use the senses of sight, smell and sound to create a calming natural sanctuary, which is far removed from the clinical hospital environment, to improve the quality of experience for patients and their loved ones.

Each room is to incorporate softer lighting and a skylight above each bed. They will also include artwork to create a more homely feel, along with a notice board so that patients or family members can place pictures and cards on the wall which are special to the patient.

Rooms would also incorporate more comfortable furniture and an aroma diffuser, as well as a Bluetooth speaker, so that patients and family members can listen to something that is special to them.

The cost of incorporating these features into each room equates to approximately £2,900.