The very significant second wave of coronavirus meant this winter was probably the toughest ever test Kingston Hospital and the NHS more widely has had to face. With the support of our community, we were able to provide colleagues working nights with a tasty evening meal to keep them going at a time of increased pressure and stress. Working with three local restaurants, hot meals were delivered each evening, packaged so that they could be reheated to be enjoyed when it was convenient to individual staff.

During this incredibly gruelling period, colleagues were really grateful for these meals. Comments from staff after the hot meals were introduced included:

“Have just eaten the vegetable biriyani and unashamedly woofed it down. It was amazing.”
“The meal was lovely and was really helpful and convenient being in a microwavable container. Thank you!”
“Thank you for the hot meals provided, was a wholesome and lovely gesture from the charity for staff.”
· “We looked forward to a hot, freshly cooked meal whilst working at the hospital, during the night shifts! It made our breaks a real opportunity to briefly unwind. It’s like family dinner time in the staff break room, since we couldn’t see our families.”

We would particularly like to thank NHS Charities Together, The Trillium Trust, Marit Mohn and the Bridgepoint Hardship Fund for their generous support, which helped ensure we could maintain this programme throughout January and February 2021, when the hospital was at its busiest.