Staff from across the hospital are making regular visits to the food distribution centre that was set up to help keep them going at a time when many have been spending longer periods of time at the hospital with revised shift patterns.

The free distribution centre has benefited from a range of generous donations of food from local firms and through national initiatives set-up during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is manned by a combination of trust staff from across the divisions and volunteers.

The focus on providing essentials has proved to be invaluable to staff who would otherwise be unable to easily obtain such items. Their appreciation is reflected in some of the comments below:

  • ‘This is the first time I have seen fresh fruit in a week – thanks to all who donated’
  • ‘It’s so nice to be able to collect some fresh food on my way home so I can cook something tasty’
  • ‘God Bless all the people who have given food’
  • ‘Being able to come to the FDC has taken such a weight of my mind, it’s one less thing to worry about’
  • ‘After my shift it is so nice to be able to pick up some items on the way home’

In addition to the food distribution centre, we are also extremely grateful to the catering companies, restaurants, local action groups and even individuals who have donated meals for staff on the wards which have been so positively received.

While its not possible to individually acknowledge all of those who have generously donated here, we’d like to make a special mention to: Feed Our Frontline in Partnership with Feed NHS; Rachel Aukett and friends; Fuel our Frontline; Dons Local Action; Meals for the NHS (and all the restaurants supplying them); H-Mart; Longdan, COOK; Cappadocia; The Cardinal Peppe; Chakra Events; Pure Passion; Seven Bluebirds; & local nutritionist Andy Aston.