Our sincere thanks to all who contributed to this spring appeal 2022. We are delighted that with the help of our supporters, we have been able to acquire 130 bathroom falls alarms and 74 stealth falls mats. Falls with harm are not only devastating to patients and families, but they also have considerable financial implications for healthcare providers. The falls alarms have now been installed and wards have been provided with the stealth mats for use with patients that are considered at a higher risk of falling.

Recent data indicates that about 13% of falls occur whilst in the toilet or coming out of it without calling form assistance, while approximately 33% are from the beds or chair. By acquiring falls alarms and stealth mats, staff will be alerted when the patient moves so that they can provide assistance to those most at risk.

Charitable monies are also being used to trial yellow kits, as these act as a visual cue for staff, helping them to quickly identify patients most at risk of falling. Each pack contains yellow slipper socks and a blanket which the patient will have throughout their stay in hospital. A trial of the yellow kits at East Kent Hospital NHS Trust reduced falls in their emergency department by up to 50% when working alongside other falls prevention methods.

Matron for Medicine, Katherine Nagle, said:

The installation of these falls alarms and stealth mats will help us to further reduce the risks to our elderly and frail patients from taking a fall when using the bathroom or moving from their bed or chair. We are so grateful to all who have generously contributed to Kingston Hospital Charity to allow us to acquire these in sufficient numbers to ensure we have adequate cover on the inpatient wards and the emergency department. The alarms and mats along with the yellow kits we are trialling will further help us mitigate the risks of our elderly and frail patients from taking a fall with harm. Thank you so much”