Colposcopy is part of the NHS cervical screening programme and the team see about 3,500 patients each year. Approximately 90 patients per month are referred on a cancer pathway. The introduction of Mediscan brings many positive benefits, including:

  1. Allowing the team to take high quality images of the colposcopy assessments,  improving accuracy, while making the examination process easier for both patients and clinicians.  Previously drawings were done which are open to interpretation. Taking an image is deemed an important tool in offering a ‘gold standard service’. The ability to now take images means findings can be discussed with other team members, without the need to bring patients back for a second appointment, while ensuring a safe plan is put in place for follow-up management. This is particularly helpful for patients that are referred on a cancer pathway, as the team can reduce the time taken for a diagnosis and plan.
  2. Supporting the learning and development of practitioners training to do colposcopy. Part of the training involves indirect supervision. The information that will now be captured on Mediscan will provide enhanced learning opportunities as part of the training.
  3. The colposcopy team running a multidisciplinary team meeting every two weeks. The cytology team and histopathology team have been able to share their findings for review at each meeting. Colposcopy will also now be able to share their clinical findings which further strengthens the decision-making at the time of the meeting, while reducing the need for repeat examinations in clinic.
  4. Becoming paper free, as Mediscan is a digital programme, making the service more efficient.

Clinical Nurse Specialist Colposcopy, Catherine King, said:

The implementation of Mediscan would not have been possible without the support of Kingston Hospital Charity, so as a team we are very grateful. Its acquisition couldn’t be more timely as demand for cervical screening is expected to increase in the coming months by up to 30% due to the implementation of primary human papillomavirus (HPV) screening pathways. Mediscan will help maximise efficiencies ensuring women have access to timely diagnostics and excellent treatment and care.”