There are a number of smaller needs that we are hoping to help Kingston Hospital with over the coming months, which are summarised below.

Creating a tranquil environment
With Kingston Hospital Charity’s support tranquil environments were successfully introduced to the six individual side rooms on Kennet Ward, one of the hospital’s elderly care wards, as part the ward refurbishment last summer.  The hospital is now seeking to create similar tranquil environments in the six individual side rooms on Hamble Ward, one of the respiratory wards, for the benefit of patients who are isolated or have learning disabilities, mental health, dementia or require end-of-life-care.

The aim is to use the senses of sight, smell and hearing to create a calming natural sanctuary, as these have been shown to promote well-being and for those patients not receiving end-of-life-care, reduce length of stay​. Each room will incorporate softer lighting, with dimming facilities, that includes a skylight above the bed; comfortable furniture; an aroma diffuser and Bluetooth speaker; wall artwork; and a noticeboard for pictures that resonate with the patient.

The cost of upgrading each side room to create a tranquil space equates to £3,000.

Rehabilitation Equipment for the surgical wards
The physiotherapy team are keen to develop a ‘mini gym’ in one of the surgical wards’ day rooms providing patients who have had a stay on the intensive care unit and those who have undergone surgery with easy access to rehabilitation equipment. For these patients a long hospital stay may have meant they have become weak and deconditioned. Providing rehabilitation equipment on the surgical ward to include a Motomed cycling machine, rehabilitation steps and some parallel bars, to be used with guidance from the physiotherapist, will improve a patient’s recovery, enabling them to get stronger, fitter and more independent, in preparation for discharge home.

The cost of purchasing these three items of equipment equates to £7,100.

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