There are a number of items that we are hoping to help Kingston Hospital acquire over this winter which are summarised below.

Birthing pool
Hydrotherapy is a popular choice for women to use during their labour and baby’s birth.  Women choose a birthing pool to help reduce the need for stronger forms of pain relief during labour.  Immersion in warm water supports buoyancy which eases pressure on the spine and pelvis, helping to facilitate a normal birth.  The hospital’s maternity unit has three birthing pools.  The addition of a fourth one at a cost of approximately £10,000 would improve its capacity to provide this option to all women wishing to use hydrotherapy during labour.

Wrap pyjamas and surgical gowns for children
Over half the children undergoing surgery develop significant anxiety during their hospital journey which is made worse by them having to wear gowns which leave them feeling exposed and uncomfortable.  Acquiring wrap pyjamas and gowns that are designed especially for children having surgery, scans or other tests helps to alleviate the stress of being in hospital.  Designed to minimise discomfort and using bright and cheerful fabric in age appropriate prints, these gowns let children be children and not just patients.  The paediatric service would like to acquire 240 gowns at cost of £1,700.

Sleeper chairs
Two fold-up beds are required for the hospital’s surgical wards, Astor and Alex, to allow a loved one to stay overnight with a patient who needs extra support.  The ward staff want to ensure that guests who stay feel welcome and are able to have as comfortable night as possible.  When not being used as a bed, they convert to a relaxing chair for the ward day room.  The approximate cost of two sleeper chairs is £2,500.

Slit lamp and tonometer
The Royal Eye Unit needs a gold standard slit lamp and tonometer at a cost of £15,000, as it seeks innovative ways to deliver its A&E service.  To help ease increasing demand, the service will utilise this additional slit lamp to train and develop a dedicated A&E nurse practitioner to triage patients and treat those who don’t need to be seen by a medical practitioner.  This will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the service, reducing waiting times while improving the patient experience.

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