Korean Arts Festival

Korean dancers in traditional dress smilingWe are very grateful to the Korean Culture and Arts Society who recently staged a medley of traditional Korean dance and music, in partnership with the Thames Philharmonic Orchestra and local choirs at the Rose Theatre Kingston on 3 October 2021.

This spectacular, colourful event began  in the centre of Kingston upon Thames where bystanders enjoyed a 30 minute performance of a traditional Korean Farmer’s dance in Market Place. From there, the performers, in colourful traditional dress, promenaded to the Rose.

The performance continued on stage at the Rose Theatre where they were treated to some wonderful songs by the Choral Society, accompanied by the stirring sounds of Thames Philharmonic Orchestra.

After a short break,  the finale of the evening included another traditional dance performance.  With dazzling costumes and precise choreography, the whole evening provided an uplifting experience, offering the audience a spectacular snapshot of the beauty of traditional Korean culture.

We are extremely grateful to the Korean community who continue to support Kingston Hospital.  An incredible gesture of generosity has resulted in donations in excess of £60,000 to date.  When things were particularly challenging for staff during the pandemic, they also provided hot meals for the staff.

Proceeds from this cultural event will be used to create a tranquil and more homely space for those patients who are being cared for in one of the single rooms in our surgical and care of the elderly wards. These are usually patients who are isolated, have learning disabilities, dementia or may be receiving end-of-life-care. The aim is to use the senses of sight, smell and sound to create a calming natural sanctuary, far removed from the clinical hospital environment, to improve the quality of experience for patients and their loved ones.