John’s own story

John Story

John Story remains grateful to his family’s long-time GP, Dr Sheilagh Olney, for encouraging him to compile an account of his experiences after catching COVID-19 in March 2020.

On the 21 March 2020, two days before the UK’s first lockdown, John Story was admitted into Kingston Hospital NHS feeling very unwell. Little did he know, at that point, that he had contracted COVID-19 and would spend over 5 weeks in intensive care, connected to a ventilator in an induced-coma, followed by a further 4 weeks on a ward.

The exact details of those first weeks only became known to John after talking with wife Lucy who recounted those terrifying times for their family.  It was shortly after that he was encouraged by his GP to write down his story. Luckily for John, Lucy had assiduously taken notes after conversations with doctors, nurses and physio’s during his time in hospital.

As well as providing John with an opportunity to understand exactly what had happened, this very personal account of his experience is also a tribute to the staff who cared for him. In gratitude of this care, John decided that he would use his story to fundraise for the staff.

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As John acknowledges:

“I shall, forever, be grateful to the medical staff at the hospital for the love and care they bestowed upon me during my stay. I shall always be grateful, too, for the love and support of family and friends who were in constant touch and who kept us in their hearts and minds.

 A huge amount of progress has been made since COVID-19 first visited our shores. When I contracted the disease there was no real knowledge of effective drugs, nor were there any vaccines available. The learning curve has been substantial and steep. The disease is, though, still around and people are still succumbing, notwithstanding significant protection from the vaccines. The NHS is still under pressure and it would be great if we can improve the lot of those who serve this wonderful institution.”