Flying high

Five staff members took part in a skydive at the Skydive Centre in Salisbury to help raise the funds needed to purchase an AutoPulse machine for our Emergency Department.  Communications Officer, Meg McDonald, and Training and Development Manager, Debbie Norton, jumped in August while three members from Resuscitation, Gags Sekhon, Therese Sydney and Dan Simpson, completed their skydives in early September.

Together they have helped raised the £7,765 needed to buy this automated resuscitation device, which is used to treat patients in cardiac arrest for prolonged periods of time. The machine offers safe and continuous chest compressions in any location and environment. Patients can also continue to receive chest compressions while being transported from one place to another – for example, resuscitation bed to separate bay areas or other parts of the hospital.

If you are interested in taking part in a skydive please contact us on 020 8973 5040 or email