Our sincere thanks to Nadia Shah and her family who together generously donated £3,500 in memory of her mother, Rahila Shah, for the purchase of a vein finder for use on the care of the elderly wards.

Vein finders allow clinicians to visualise veins beneath the skin’s surface, reducing the need for multiple attempts to locate a suitable vein and is particularly useful for patients with difficult-to-locate veins, such as those who are elderly. Nadia noticed that staff on the care of the elderly wards were constantly having to borrow the vein finder used by the phlebotomy department.

Nadia said:

Guided by her generous spirit and desire to alleviate unnecessary suffering, we’ve contributed a vein finder, a tool that can simplify the sometime arduous and painful process of drawing blood for patients. Rahila was more than just a devoted wife and mother; she was an active grandmother of nine, whose vibrancy of life was diagnosed with endometrial cancer last summer. After a swift battle, she passed away at the Royal Marsden, Chelsea, following a transfer from Kingston Hospital. Her memory lives on, not only in the hearts of those who loved her, but also in this gift that we hope will help many patients.