Equipping the Gathering Room

Our thanks to The Victoria Foundation for providing the funding needed to help equip the Gathering Room. This multi-purpose space located in the Spirituality & Wellbeing Centre came into service in mid-2019 and had been regularly used to host a range of activities, workshops, gatherings and events that support the holistic wellbeing of staff, patients and/ or patients’ families.

Before COVID-19, there was a need for portable audio visual equipment to ensure this flexible space could continue to be fully utilised to support the array of activities taking place. This is now even more important amidst current infection control guidelines. With the right equipment, which includes laptops, a projector, screen and speaker, the Gathering Room can continue to be a base from which the chaplaincy and pastoral support team can stream training and provide support for staff and patient groups, take part in multi-disciplinary meetings with clinical teams and trust committees across the hospital, and undertake confidential consultations.