Caring for Kingston Hospital Staff

Royal Borough of Kingston Cares (known as RBKares) was formed last October by a group of volunteers from Sewing4Kingston and the Sewing Angels. During the first national lockdown these volunteers were busy making and distributing masks, hair scrunchies, laundry bags and scrubs for hospital and care home staff.

After New Year, they decided to make up wellbeing bags for staff who had been working long hours or who were off sick, to show their gratitude as a community. Each bag is handmade and in each there is a card with a thank you message, a selection of toiletries, a scented candle, some chocolates and a mindful activity to help reduce stress and encourage a state of calm.

These wellbeing bags have been very well received by staff – as one of our Matron’s acknowledged, they are “a real treasure” and remind us how appreciative our community is of our efforts and hard work at this extraordinarily difficult time.

In addition to the bags, RBKares has also provided coffee machines for staff who are in need of one for their rest areas, while raising over £20,000 to assist other initiatives that are focused on their wellbeing now and in the coming months.

Our thanks to Kate, Tess and all the volunteers at RBKares and to those who have generously supported their efforts during January and February this year.