If you’re a thrill seeker and want to get the adrenaline running, then a bungee jump is definitely for you!

Taking place at UK Bungee Club’s flagship site, this location is the most-visited for bungee jumpers throughout the UK. Situated lakeside at Bray Lake Watersports Centre, the magnificent venue offers panoramic views across the pristine lake, with miles upon miles of rolling countryside.

West of London, it is a fantastic location to combine a jump with a weekend away.

5 reasons why people choose to bunjee jump:

1. Believe it or not, to conquer a fear of heights!
2. To experience the sensation of flying
3. To get a mind blowing view of the area
4. To test your own metal! A leap of faith
5. To experience a real sense of achievement

Dates for 2023 are listed below and offer a mix of 160ft or 300ft jumps. Check when registering that you have selected the right date for your choice of jump:
29 July
30 July
2 September
3 September
1 October
21 October
22 October
25 November

Ready to dive? Book now! You won’t regret it.