Kingston Hospital’s paediatric department incorporates one of the busiest paediatric oncology shared care units in the South East of England.

Children with cancer requiring chemotherapy, blood transfusion, medical reviews, blood tests and intravenous injections attend Dolphin Ward, which functions as a combined paediatric ambulatory care and an assessment unit.  Sharing facilities on the busy Dolphin Ward has invariably impacted on the quality of care provided to children with cancer by restricting facilities which leads to delays and a less efficient service, while increasing the risk of infection for immunocompromised children through coming into casual contact with acutely ill children referred to the assessment unit.

Extending the Royal Eye Unit at ground floor level, provides an exciting opportunity to develop a separate, purpose-designed day care oncology suite, open for extended weekday hours, on the first floor.  While linked to the rest of the paediatric service, this new self-contained unit will achieve a number of significant benefits including:

  • A clear separation of children with cancer with vulnerable immunity to infection from other acutely ill children.
  • An enhanced patient experience provided by: a dedicated space exclusively for children who make frequent visits for treatment without having to face long waits due to unavailability of rooms; a calm environment for the administration of programmed chemotherapy; a space that is manned by staff known to the families, also affording a focal point for queries, administration and telephone calls.
  • Improved efficiency through separating two distinct populations of patients.

In addition, this suite will facilitate a number of other functions including: outpatient consultations for children with cancer, relocated from the current children’s outpatient department; medical reviews of children with cancer who are unwell or whose parents are concerned; facilitating earlier administration of intravenous antibiotics within one hour of presentation to hospital.

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