After trying a range of innovative ways of meeting the challenges of space and capacity shortfall, Kingston Hospital is now committed to extending the Royal Eye Unit’s existing footprint through constructing a ground floor extension, while reconfiguring the current space.

The extension, which will house the retinal service, will provide an additional six consulting rooms, in addition to the 12 currently available.  Two of these will be designed as injection rooms, doubling the existing capacity.  There will also be additional scanning facilities and a dedicated waiting area.

This development when completed will achieve a number of significant benefits, including:

  • Managing the increasing demand from an ageing population, by increasing overall capacity by approximately 25%
  • Creating an environment that meets the needs of all its users
  • Improving the patient experience by developing a design that is patient-focused and truly dementia friendly (in line with the hospital’s commitment to provide consistently excellent dementia care, given the profile of the local population)
  • Delivering significant clinical efficiencies, reducing wait times both in clinic and for first and follow-up appointments
  • Helping to attract and retain committed clinical staff, by improving the working environment
  • Improving amenities for children

If you are interested in helping us with this project, please call 020 8973 5040 or email