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Join our Christmas Jumper Fun campaign and help to raise funds for our staff at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, most of whom will be working many of the days through the festive period, and some who may not see their families at all.

This year, Christmas Jumper Day is Friday 8 December but you can pick your own special day that works for your school, office or social get-together and ask everyone to wear a Christmas jumper. Better still, why not make your own festive Christmas jumper– the sillier the better – and wear it all day!

Here are some tips on how to make a Christmas jumper:

  1. Buy a second hand jumper from a charity shop that you can upcycle or ask a member of your family if they have an old pullover that you can use.
  2. Add a snowman by cutting three circles out of an old unwanted white t-shirt and, using buttons for its eyes, attach a ribbon for its scarf.
  3. Learn how to make a pom-pom. Please supervise children if scissors are required.
  4. Get some old tinsel, ribbons, a few baubles and sew or glue them on to the front or the sleeves of the jumper.


December is always a busy time at school with lots for parents and teachers to think about and do.  If it’s too much to hold your Christmas Jumper Fun separately, then combine it with another activity like carol-singing or during your PE lesson. You can wear your special jumper during the Christmas fayre or expand your fundraising by holding a bake sale with a competition for the best decorated festive cake.  You could also make your own special Christmas tree decorations during art class and sell them at break-time.


Sponsor your boss to dress up as a Christmas pudding or a Christmas cracker all day, complete with Christmas jumper!

Be a real #Christmasjumper and make a rule that every time a colleague leaves their desk, they must jump, not walk, through the office – get family and friends to sponsor you!  Please make sure you have permission from your boss and that it’s safe to do so.


Celebrate your own Christmas Jumper Day by wearing your special jumper to the next meeting or lunch.  Why not include your pets and hold a sponsored walk with all your pets dressed up in their best festive gear?

When you have decided on the day of your activity, put up a poster so everyone knows when it is.

Working over Christmas can be a difficult time for our staff as they are separated from their families, some from overseas. Put a smile on one of our nurse’s faces by designing and cutting out a special Christmas jumper and writing a special message on it for them.  Get a sponsor and send us your message with a donation.  We will try and display as many as we can.

If your school, group or office are planning to take part in our Christmas Jumper Fun campaign this year, please let us know by emailing us at khft.charity@nhs.net as we can offer support and advice. Do share all your pictures with us on social media using the tag #Christmasjumper.

Don’t forget to set up a fundraising page so people can donate online. Click here and follow our easy step to step guide.